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Commune de l'Ain, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Pont-de-Vaux takes place in the borough of Bourg-en-Bresse, on the border of the Saône-et-Loire.

Classified as a green holiday resort, the city of Pont-de-Vaux attracts today many visitors eager to discover its natural and architectural heritage. Between Burgundy and Bresse, it reveals indeed green landscapes and territories suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities with the family.

Very busy, the town is the scene of many cultural events that bring life to the city center. Attached to the Saône via the canal of Pont-de-Vaux, it benefits from banks arranged, as well as a marina that does not lack interest. Lovers of good products will also be seduced by the chickens with the blue legs of the city which benefits from an AOC. Full of charm, the city of Pont-de-Vaux deserves a detour on vacation in this region rich in greenery.


The canal de Pont-de-Vaux could have been a significant waterway if it had been continued as initially planned to Bourg-en-Bresse and the river Ain. The canal was conceded to the local intendant Louis Auguste Bertin in 1779, and engineer Léonard Racle surveyed the route. Works began in 1783, but were interrupted by the Revolution. Napoleon revived the project in 1810, but State funds were diverted to the wars. The canal was conceded to the council of Pont-de-Vaux in 1835, but it too found it impossible to fund the construction, which was finally completed by the State in 1843. The canal was conceded to the Ain département in 1934 for 20 years, but traffic had ceased, and the canal was officially closed when the concession ended in 1954. The author canvassed the mayor recommending restoration in 1983, and the project was eventually taken up and implemented in 1994.

Places of Interest

Antoine Chintreuil Museum: This 18th-century mansion converted into a museum houses different collections: the history of General Joubert, a hero of the French Revolution; art with the pre-Impressionist painter Chintreuil; ethnology; and a curiosities cabinet.Temporary exhibitions.

20 marked rambling paths covering Pont de Vaux and the area, ranging from 5-20km (3-12½ miles) along tracks and quiet roads. Paths start from the 11 villages around Pont-de-Vaux. Guide available from tourist offices.

Naturel site of "Les Charmes". Aeolian sand dunes, outstanding fauna and flora. Free access, theme trail 1.5km (¾ mile) in length with panels explaining points of interest, fauna and flora.

Archipel Swimming Pool, Summer/winter adventure pool with water chutes, water mushrooms, whirlpools, multitrack water slide, splashpad.

Lake of Pont-de-Vaux. Lake covering 3.8ha (nearly 10 acres) in the municipality of Reyssouze, not far from the centre of Pont de Vaux. Depth: 60 cm-1m70 (2ft-5.5ft). Angling category 2. Day angling permit available.

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The town of Pont-de-Vaux The old water mill at Pont-de-Vaux
Port de Plaisance mooring at Pont-de-Vaux The Canal de Pont-de-Vaux
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