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Louhans is situated in the Saone-et-Loire, Burgundy region (now part of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region), in the eastern-center of France at 47 km from Macon, the department capital. (General information: Louhans is 328 km from Paris).

Louhans Châteaurenaud is the capital of Bresse chicken! Stroll through the streets and admire its rich heritage: The Hotel-Dieu, the historic heart and its arcades, the church topped with glazed tiles. Don't miss the events around the poultry star, like the market every Monday morning. And in December, a contest a dedicated to it: the Glorieuses de Bresse.


We don't have any historical information on Louhans at the moment, if you have any information on the history of this town please send it to us.

Places of Interest

The Hôtel-Dieu and its apothecary: This beautiful pink stone architectural ensemble of Préty was built from the 17th to the 18th century. For three centuries the nuns of the order of St. Martha have been welcoming and caring for the sick and needy. Its two monumental rooms, still lined with their alley beds, received patients until 1977.

Its sumptuous apothecary presents an exceptional collection of Hispano-Moorish glazed faience from the 15th and 16th centuries. The Hôtel-Dieu has kept its authenticity and the richness of its furniture reflects the diversity of all these times.

The Municipal Museum: Created at the initiative of Senator Lucien GUILLEMAUT in 1885, the museum, at the time, was a small provincial museum quite typical. Refurbished in 1990, the current museum presents two thematic exhibition rooms and a temporary exhibition room on the first floor. The second floor is designed as an exercise in restitutio n of what was the museum of origins.

The Printing Museum: The municipal museum shares its walls with one of the thematic antennas of the Ecomuseum of the Bresse Burgundy: the printing press of the Journal l'Indépendant. 

Indeed, when the newspaper "L'Indépendant du Louhannais et Jura" closed its doors in 1984, the Ecomusée created a museum retracing the production process of a newspaper. The machines are kept in working order (linotypes, rotary presses ...). This antenna is today the only French example of conservation of a full press workshop with lead fabrication.

L'Eglise St. Pierre: The first religious building was built in 878 at the arrival of the monks of the abbey Saint Philibert Tournus. The eve of Saint John in the year 1370, the Big Companies loot and burn the city and the church. The repairs of the building will be succinct until a total rebuilding of the building (nave and bell tower) in 1492 using the Gothic style. 

The church Saint Pierre will be built in the 18th century, contiguous to the first, in the neo-Gothic style. The stained glass window, the Apocalypse according to Saint John, dates from 1993 and was made by a master glassmaker from Taizé. The roof is covered with polychrome glazed tiles often used in Burgundy.

The Museum of the Bear: A new museum in Louhans-Châteaurenaud that one is "small or big". You will be greeted by a passionate arctophile who will make you discover a collection of teddy bears of several generations and will then take you to discover the animal through various themes. You will enjoy a guided tour largely commented in a well-developed and staged space.

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The streets of Louhans An aerial view of Louhans
The roof of St. Peters Church in Louhans Louhans Town Hall
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