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Built in an amphitheatrical shape along the banks of the Saone river, this “Petite Cité Comtoise de Charactère” will charm you. Here and there you will discover some treasures of history and culture. The former forge, adorned with rock sculptures illustrating the history of ironwork is one of them. The city was also marked by the Princes of Beaufremont. Discover their story along a tour wich will bring you to the stables of the former castle.

Angling Information

The Saône is well known for its rich flora and fauna. Fishermen enjoy the greenery where you can tease bleak, roach, carp, perch, zander, pike or sometimes even catfish. Fishing stations for people with reduced mobility have been developed in Ferrieres-les-Scey.

You can buy a fishing licence at the Tourist Office of Les Combes in the Saône valid for a day, a week or a year. Children under the age of 12 can enjoy the discovery card for € 5!

Places of Interest

Near Saint-Albin, you will discover one of the most impressive pieces of architecture of the valley of the Saône: the tunnel of Saint Albin. 681 meters long, it was built during the rule of Napoleon III. This underground canal is a classified Historical Monument. It is an ideal place to take a walk and to sit back.

Up until 1961, the melted steel flowed at Baignes forge, an important industry in the country that produced pans, pots and other iron products. It provides a valuable architectural heritage including the building stables, shops, housing workers, orangery and loft. Built by Jean-Antoine Guyet, a student of Claude Nicolas Ledoux, these buildings are reminiscent of the famous Royal Saltworks of Arc et Senans. There are guided tours of the forge that last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Le château de Rupt-sur-Saône is a magnificent building that consists of a tower of the early twelfth century and a home inside the walls of a mansion. The château includes a Gothic hunting lodge, an Italian firm, a winery, a kennel and a greenhouse-orangery. Open to the public from April to October, tours on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and holidays.

There are two megalithic stones at Traves and Aroz. These provide evidence of human presence in the Neolithic, they are the remains of a tomb or monument. The man made hole seems to have  multiple meanings, the most plausible remains that the passage of souls of the dead to the afterlife.

The Abbaye Neuvelle-lès-la-Charité was built in 1840 on the site of an existing abbey built in 1133

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Boats moored at the Locaboat marina in Scey-sur-Saône Bridge at Scey-sur-Saône
The St. Albin Tunnel on the canal at Scey-sur-Saône A Church at Scey-sur-Saône
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