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Port sur Saône

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Located 12 km northwest of Vesoul, the "Green City" Port-sur-Saône is a charming little town of 3050 inhabitants, capital of Canton, at the intersection of Highway 19 Paris-Basle and Saone. The two dominant colors of the city are the blue waters of the Saône and the side channel and the green forest covering 500 ha and have various species of trees, some quite rare. The city offers many and varied activities in a natural and historical, making a cultural city, dynamic and sporty.

Port-sur-Saône is a real tourist hub. River tourism plays a crucial role: a marina has recently been constructed and expanded. It makes docking easy access to all amenities and boat rentals. Many other leisure activities can rejuvenate a wonderful recreation area flooded surroundings where everyone will find his account: fishing, hunting, canoeing, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, horseback riding and hiking, sports.

Places of Interest

The Fresco of Human Rights. In November 1990, the site of the church of Port-sur-Saône wass transformed by the mural painted by Agnes Tiry JCBreton, just behind the War Memorial erected in the aftermath of the 1914-1918 war.

Eglise Saint Etienne was begun in 1782 by engineer and entrepreneur Thierry Duchanoy and completed in 1787 by architect Pambet Vesoul. It has three naves and six barrell vaulted spans of equal height separated by Doric columns.

The Great Bridge.  Built between 1750 and 1758 by civil engineer Calced Querret on the site of the medieval wooden bridge. It was swept away by floods or destroyed by many wars as in 1595 with the passing of Lorraine Tremblecourt Protestants in the pay of King Henry IV of France.

The Chapel of St. Valerius. Saint-Valere Archdeacon of Langres, tortured by vandals Crochus was beheaded 22 October 411. The Christians buried his body at the place of his martyrdom and later the Bishop of Langres built a church in this place,  which became famous throughout the country because of the many miracles that it operated.The original church is no longer and was replaced in 1845 by the present chapel where the length portrait of Saint-Valere.

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The town of Port sur Saône The marina at Port sur Saône
The church of St. Etienne, Port sur Saône Cruising under a bridge near Port sur Saône
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